You are currently viewing New results from Silkeborgbanen – April 2023

Danish Technological Institute and Sweco have published new results from Silkeborgbanen on Tuesday April 18th.

In the report you can read more about some of these findings:

  • 60 cm barriers prevent dispersion – less than 1 kg/pitch/year to the environment
  • Gates with grates will keep dispersion to the environment below 1,5 kg/pitch/year (if we assume that players empty their football boots for rubber content of approx. 3 kg/pitch/year in designated areas or indoors where it will be cleaned up and sent to incineration)
  • Most maintenance equipment should not leave the facility – this will keep dispersion to the environment below 0,4 kg/pitch/year
  • No rubber has been found in drainage water
  • With these simple measures and assumptions dispersion of granulate to the environment will be 2-3 kg/pitch/year (0,2-0,3 g/m2/year)